It is important to choose a tertiary institution that provides you with excellent educational environment. It is very necessary to choose the right tertiary institution since your future depends on it.
Miezah College of Health is focused on delivering the highest quality educational experience for our students, which is informed by research and the latest developments in clinical practice. Our education process is in two modes; theoretical studies and hands-on clinical practice. The college has its own hospital, of which students have 24/7 access to, putting them at an advantage. The college is equipped with all the facilities and equipments needed for your education. Students have access to our various facilities. We support our students throughout their studies to develop their chosen career path by ensuring they gain appropriate skills. Our academic staff are all registered with their respective professional regulatory bodies, and are committed to delivering an excellent learning experiences.


Studying a discipline of allied health will provide you with more than career, it is an opportunity for you to have a profound impact on the lives of others. All our allied health programs incorporate a mix of lectures with a strong focus on tutorials, workshops, practical classes and simulated learning experiences to develop entry-level clinical skills. With comprehensive hands-on practical experiences, you will be equipped to work in broad range areas, including hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, diagnostic centers, laboratories, schools, various institutions, private practice etc. We assure you not with just Certification but also with knowledge.