Our campus features a lot of spaces for living, dining, recreation and learning. The College has Lecture halls, Offices, Computer Lab, microbiology laboratory, demonstration rooms, Modern Library, hostel, Cafeteria, X-ray unit and scan unit.


Miezah College’s hostel was designed as an inspiring base for students to collaborate, and form friendships. Residential life serves as an important venue for student learning, increases opportunities for teamwork and community building. The school has hostel facilities that are safe, secure and convenient for students. It is also located in close proximity to the main lecture halls and central administration. The hostel has running water and electricity to provide a safe, sound and convenient environment for our students. Our hostel is furnished, and we are always looking for ways to improve our residential experience for all.


Hostel fees are paid per year directly into our bank account. Below are the details:

Ghanaian Students

Hostel fees are paid directly into our GHS account.

  • Bank: GCB Bank
  • Account Name: Miezah College of Health
  • Account Number: 6211180000953
  • Branch: Suame


International Students

Hostel fees are paid directly into our USD account.

  • Bank: Ecobank Ghana
  • Account Name: Miezah College of Health
  • Account Number: 3441002209553
  • Branch: Suame
  • Swift Code: ECOCGHAC


There will be a cafeteria on campus, running from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm daily, that will provide several dishes and also groceries.


The College has Memorandum of understanding with Tophill Hospital where students go for clinical practice. Students can however have their clinical practice in their hospital of choice (private or public), after first semester.


The college library contains standard course texts and other related materials.

It offers more specialized collections and electronic resources for particular subjects.


Students are encouraged to do research in the school. There are dedicated Research tutors that help students in their research work.