Miezah College of Health is accredited by the National Accreditation Board to train health professionals. MCH is  a student-oriented higher education institution, which primarily seeks to teach and develop national and international healthcare professionals in an innovative manner by using evidence-based knowledge, whilst practically benefiting through research-based outreach activities.


Miezah College of Health is focused on delivering the highest quality educational experience for our students, which is informed by research and the latest developments in clinical practice. Our education process is in two modes; theoretical studies and hands-on clinical practice. The college is affiliated to Tophill hospital, of which students have 24/7 access to, putting them at an advantage. Miezah College has weekly intensive hands on clinicals at our affiliated hospital right from the first year of academic studies.


Our institution is fully accredited by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (previously called National Accreditation Board of Ghana) and it is affiliated to the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. We are also approved and recognized by the Allied Health Professions Council.

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